Absolutely outrageous!!!

A friend emailed me a photo of a greetings card, made by Hanson White, that he found in ASDA.


I have sent the following to their customer feedback account.

Dear Sir/Madam

It has brought to my attention that you are distributing a greetings card with a cartoon dinosaur, wearing a wig and makeup, and two cavemen pointing and observing ‘Oh look, a tranny-saurus’.
As a member of the transgender community I find this wholly distasteful. Every day transgender people face verbal and physical abuse just for leaving their own home. ‘Just having a laugh’ does not justify any form of abuse, be it based on race, sexual orientation or gender identity, and indeed all three are protected from discrimination under the law. While it may seem funny to people at your company, let me explain the every day reality for  trans person.
Images such as this add to the public consciousness that Trans people are to be openly mocked and ridiculed for no other reason than that they are transgender. The cartoon image you have used, even if not intended for children, would certainly be appealing to them and do you believe it is right to encourage young children to mock and ridicule those who are different? I am unaware of the rest of the range that this card belongs, but I assume you have others singling out Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Asians, Africans, Oriental people and various religious faiths… you do have those right?
With regards to the word ‘Tranny’, it is a highly offensive term, and is used primarily as either a direct insult towards transgender people, or as an aggressively sexualised term in relationship to internet pornography. Usage of either of these causes anger, distress and upset among the Trans community. 
If you are sat there reading this and thinking ‘Oh get a sense of humour’, please go and look every trans person in the eye who has ever been bullied, abused or attacked, or in to the eyes of the families of trans people who have been murdered for their gender identity, and tell them to get a sense of humour, to get a life.
I am willing to not take this matter any further if you promise to withdraw these cards immediately, and publish an apology on the front page of your website. I must warn you however, that several other LGBT rights groups have already gotten their hands on this and will be reporting your company to the proper authorities on the matter.
I await your response.
Miss Tamlyn MacPherson”
If you wish to add to the complaints, their email address is customerfeedback@ukgreetings.co.uk which appears to belong to the parent company.
Tamz xXx